12 Free Stock Photo Resources That Will Give Your Website A Facelift

Dec 7, 2016Social Media

You don’t need to be an expert to know that posting images on social media dramatically improves performance, regardless of platform.

As a social media manager, sometimes it’s easy to find the “right” image(s) to post and other times it seems like the image you’re looking for just doesn’t exist. If you’ve ever experienced the latter, this post is for you!

First off, you should be well-versed in looking for images that are “licensed for non-commercial re-use” and/or covered under “Creative Commons”. To learn more about Creative Commons licenses and their uses, check out this blog post.


Bonus 1: Pablo (by Buffer)

This isn’t exactly a stock photo site, per se, but it should be in your repertoire if you post frequently to social media sites, blogs, etc.

The whole idea behind Pablo is to create eye-popping images to accompany your social media posts. It allows a social media manager to upload images or choose from a library of 600,000 free photos, add quick filters, format and overlay text, and easily resize images to fit on a variety of social media platforms (with little-to-no graphic design experience required). We like this platform for its simple interface and no-frills approach to social media imagery. And did we mention it’s free?


Bonus 2: Photo Resources for Feds (curated by USA.gov and ODNI)

This is a crowd-sourced collection of Federal image galleries on sites such as Flickr, USA.gov, and other archives. Though these images may not directly apply to your agency’s needs, resources on this page can provide inspiration and placeholder images from other government sources. According to USA.gov, “a government work is generally not subject to copyright in the United States and there is generally no copyright restriction on reproduction, derivative works, distribution, performance, or display of a government work.”


  • Fun fact: ODNI is the same office that has pioneered such documents as the Federal Social Media Policy Development Toolkit and

We’ll keep adding to this list as we find more resources with strong images for government, emergency management, or public safety use. Be sure to share your favorites with us on Twitter or Facebook!

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