Managing Social Media in a Disaster: Misconceptions, Development & Pitfalls

Mar 30, 2016Crisis Communications, Social Media

Disaster Resilience for America Podcast

Epicenter Media & Training’s CEO/Founder, Christopher Tarantino, was interviewed by Tom Moran (Executive Director of the All Hazards Consortium and Co-Host) and Tim Karney (Editor & Co-Host, All Hazards Emergency Network) on “Disaster Resilience for America” on March 15, 2016.

“Disaster Resilience for America” is a radio show on 1500AM WTOP/Federal News Radio and broadcasts interviews with subject matter experts to 80,000+ regular listeners across radio, online, iTunes, and other podcast platforms, as well as the 15,000+ stakeholders within the All Hazards Consortium and its Multi-State Fleet Response Working Group.

Mr. Tarantino shared his expertise and highlighted case studies in technology management before, during and after disasters/ emergencies.

Listen to the interview on Federal News Radio here or on iTunes.

Key Takeaways

1.  More than 1/5 of Americans are online “constantly” (according to the Pew Internet Research Center)

2.  Many misconceptions out there relating to social media (especially in emergency management)

3.  There is no “one size fits all” approach to social media integration

4.  Empower your network & leverage partners/resources often

5.  Lay your foundation for success during “blue sky” times

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