The Technology

Astral AR is the company behind the only immersive augmented reality, biometrics-piloted unmanned aerial vehicles on the market.

With both consumer- and commercial-grade drones, Astral AR’s UAVs are mapped to EEG biometrics integration and display the drone’s camera feed in real-time 3D with haptic feedback through an augmented reality visor.

The result of this technology integration provides powerful, immersive UAV operation that allows operators to fly the drones with their mind. Head- and gaze-tracking are mapped to the drone’s navigation and camera control, providing long range flight (beyond line-of-sightand intuitive, gesture-controlled robotics with five different drone variations: Angel, Charlie, Gidget, Huginn, Medusa, and Munin.

Our Partnership

Astral AR has partnered with Epicenter Media & Training to improve their products’ effectiveness in government and public safety applications, improve client and stakeholder engagement, and help the public sector adopt this critical technology through immersive training/exercises.

Astral AR creates & integrates technology to allow UAV operators to fly drones with their mind.

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