Our Partnership

The Epicenter Deployment Support Unit (EDSU) has supported the New York State Division of Homeland Security & Emergency Services’ Type 2 All-Hazards Incident Management Team (NYSIMT) since 2014.

EDSU support of the NYSIMT primarily involved public information management support through the provision an Assistant Public Information Officer with media monitoring and technology expertise. Deployments included multiple Type 2 incidents, natural disasters, and planned events across New York State – including support of the DEC-sponsored New York Wildfire & Incident Management Academy at Brookhaven National Laboratory on Long Island, Erie County’s Winter Storm “Knife” (FEMA-4204-DR), the Great New York State Fair, the Sam’s Point Wildfire, and multiple training exercises and planning conferences.

Though New York State is the first all-hazard incident management team that EDSU has supported, our team is eager to build relationships with other teams seeking technology and information management support during critical incidents. Learn more about our capabilities by downloading the EDSU info deck or chat with one of our subject matter experts today!

Training & Exercise Support

In addition to the incident management support and technical expertise provided by EDSU with the Incident Management Team, Epicenter Media & Training also supports DHSES with training delivery and exercise support.

With courses ranging from incident command (ICS-300 ICS for Expanding Events) to public information officer training (G-290), and a variety of other courses/exercises, Epicenter personnel have supported major training and professional development initiatives across the western and central regions of the state.

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