Pictometry Imagery

Serving government and commercial markets, Pictometry® imagery and tools are integral to the workflows of assessment, GIS, public safety and infrastructure professionals. As a leading provider of aerial image capture and geospatial data, Pictometry flies at low altitudes to capture the details that satellites miss.

Their solutions include orthogonal and oblique aerial images as well as aerial remote sensing using LiDAR. The capture systems that they use provide wide-area and corridor aerial imagery. Additionally, their four-band add-on captures RGB and near-infrared imagery suited for vegetation analysis, impervious surface mapping and other GIS mapping needs.

With regularly scheduled flights, Pictometry’s aerial image library is continually expanding. Their new and historical imagery helps assessors, GIS managers and other professionals to better track change throughout their jurisdictions. And when time is of the essence, they’re there to capture all the details. In the days following a catastrophic event, they can provide decision makers with the imagery and information they need to support recovery efforts.

With a number of imagery options and resolutions available, high-resolution aerial imagery from Pictometry offers customized solutions that fit seamlessly into any industry and workflow.

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In an emergency, accurate intelligence is critical. Critical360 is a professional service offering that connects Pictometry users to a comprehensive resource of visually organized interior and exterior building and property information. From public safety and emergency responders to operations, administrative and facility management professionals, Critical360 users can quickly, easily and intuitively view up-to-date locational information.

Critical360 technology powers searches, queries and the location availability for critical resources and structural details. With accurate floor plans pre-generated by professional technicians, it provides 360-degree images of building interiors. When combined with Pictometry geo-referenced aerial imagery, the power of Critical360 and Pictometry® Intelligent Images® can save lives.

Our Partnership

Epicenter Media & Training has partnered with EagleView / Pictometry to help market their Critical360® service to the Emergency Management sector.


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