The Project

The Epicenter Deployment Support Unit (EDSU) deployed a single resource Media Specialist to the New York State Fair with the NYS Division of Homeland Security & Emergency Services’ (NYS DHSES) Type 2 All-Hazards Incident Management Team in August 2015.

Our Partnership

The NYS Fair was inaugurated in 1841 and is consistently one of the largest planned events in Central New York. EDSU provided both in-person and virtual monitoring of traditional and social media during this event. The EDSU Media Specialist deployed to Syracuse embedded with emergency management personnel at the State Fairgrounds to provide situational awareness, actionable intelligence, data visualization, and keyword/sentiment analysis to support and enhance the safety and security of State Fair operations.

Learn how the elite technologists and responders from the Epicenter Deployment Support Unit can support your planned event or emergency incident. In addition to media monitoring, EDSU can provide decision support services relating to hazardous weather, unmanned aerial systems (UAS/UAV), and a number of other areas. Download the EDSU info deck and chat with one of our subject matter experts today!

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