SMART stands for “Social Media Analysis & Response Team” – a flexible, tested solution to public information management needs at university, healthcare, corporate and other campuses. Social Media Analysis & Response Teams support their organization with actionable, real-time intelligence to improve outcomes, enhance common operating picture, and engage critical stakeholders.


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Actionable Intelligence

Your SMART can monitor disasters, crises and planned events – all in real-time.


Rumor Management

A well-trained SMART can amplify good messages and squash misinformation.

Hybrid Operation

SMART is at the intersection of virtual and on-site operations support.

SMART Training & Exercise Packages



All SMART sessions can be requested individually or through the SMART Training/Exercise Package.

This one-of-a-kind package takes a group of disparate volunteers and/or staff through a series of learning programs and challenging exercises to build a fully-functioning Social Media Analysis & Response Team, from the ground up.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let them do the talking!

“Overall this exercise was extremely helpful in having us talk through scenarios that I don’t think we otherwise would have (or until we were in an actual emergency situation).”

SMART TTX Participant

“Outstanding. Best instructor in any emergency management class I’ve had to date!”

SMART "Launch" Participant

“The exercise exposed oversights, gaps, and limitations in our present course of action. It also helped clarify current roles and expectations. It was helpful to have everyone on SMART together in the same room.”

SMART TTX Participant

Frequently Asked Questions


SMART is a scalable framework specifically designed for fixed-site facilities and those campus-based organizations that will benefit from hybrid operations support (both virtual and on-site).

This concept, and the methodologies that support it, has been rigorously tested for more than a year to ensure our clients’ and partners’ success. The conclusion of these pilots: SMART works.

Why can't I just utilize my marketing / communications department for social media monitoring?

You can! The caveat to this approach is that these individuals need to be trained and utilized as a team and be integrated into the overall emergency or crisis response effort. SMART provides just that structure to allow these two disparate groups of professionals to meet, train, and grow together.

What about pricing?

The SMART training/exercise package is built on a tiered pricing structure for small-, medium- and larger organizations; due to the vast number of customizations available to fledgling Social Media Analysis & Response Teams and the complex nature of SMART programming, these pricing tiers can vary.

SMART is both simple and scalable, but it is not a “cookie-cutter” approach. This means, from the first time you reach out to the Epicenter Media & Training team, the SMART training/exercise program is “right-sized” to your organization’s unique needs and customizations. The result is a powerful, fully-functioning team that is built just for your agency!

What is the difference between VOST and SMART?

SMART is completely complementary to VOST (Virtual Operations Support Teams) and other virtual/digital support models.

The key difference between SMART and VOST is that each individual SMART represents a fixed site, campus, or collection of properties and utilizes a hybrid (on-site and/or virtual) organizational structure; their operational scope is often focused on their parent agency’s goals/objectives. VOSTs are typically have a wider scope, larger focus area, and exist almost 100% virtually.

We have a social media monitoring solution, why do we need SMART?

A social media monitoring solution is a critical piece to integrating social media data and other information into your operations**. Unfortunately, that integration is only one piece of the open source intelligence-gathering puzzle.

While these platforms organize social media conversation and multimedia, they cannot provide actionable intelligence by themselves. That’s where SMART comes in.

Because all SMART programs are customized for each unique organization, our training and exercises can incorporate and improve the utilization of these tools through proven, systematic processes and capacity-building. We’ll help you truly put these tools to work for your team and guarantee better results from SMART than ever before.

**For organizations that do not currently have a social media monitoring solution, Epicenter Media & Training partners with a variety of platforms to provide discounts to SMART organizations. Contact us for more information on partner discounts!

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