Epicenter Media & Training was founded in 2013 to make the world safer and enhance
in the public safety, higher education, government, and private sectors.

We think differently & look at the challenges of our age with a completely different mindset than our peers.

We believe that the world can be made safer through diverse applications of technology and purposeful communications.

Whether engaged in world-class training, results-driven consulting, or other innovative support services, our mission is always the same: to build a better-prepared, more engaged public safety environment that community stakeholders can trust. 

Our clients learn how to empower their stakeholders with education and
create stronger engagement through technology. 

We are building global resilience each and every day.

Epicenter Media & Training’s diverse offerings include:

Our Story

Since founding Epicenter Media & Training in 2013, CEO/Founder, Christopher Tarantino has provided support to and instructed thousands of emergency management professionals in more than thirty different states. His vision drives organizations, private- and public-sector leadership to adopt new technologies and build their resilience from the inside through design thinking and results-driven change.

Before Epicenter Media & Training, the concepts of marketing, design thinking, and stakeholder engagement were largely foreign to emergency management, public safety, and government entities.

In 2013, these seemingly-disparate ideas came together to create a one-of-a-kind organization with a unique vision: connect, prepare, and enable a sustainable world where public safety leadership and citizens are empowered by technology and take equal ownership of community resilience.

Christopher Tarantino created Epicenter Media & Training to empower public safety and emergency management agencies to achieve their goals through innovative technology and smart communications – at the same time, changing the way citizens think about and engage with those same agencies.

Today, Christopher Tarantino and Epicenter Media & Training have instructed thousands of professionals in technology, social media, and disaster management in more than thirty different states!

Epicenter Media & Training’s approaches in emergency management, training, stakeholder engagement, and technology are built on a foundation of diversity and tempered by the fires of experience; everything we do is geared toward our core values and the belief that community resilience and innovation go hand-in-hand.

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